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How long can my cable be?

We recommend the total length of your cable to be no longer than 4 metres. Please take note that our standard 6 inch coil and a 1.5m long cable is around 3m in total length, we recommend not going any longer! If you wish for your coil and total cable length to be made longer, its on YOU!
Also please take note that some keyboards like the Drop CTRL and ALT, HHKB and some older Ducky keyboards can only have cables to a maximum length of 1.5-2m with no coils or aviators  at all, due to high power needs. This is up to you to check before you purchase!

Ordering your cable!

When you are placing your order, please double check everything before you pay for your order as once it is placed it cannot be cancelled due to every cable being hand made individually. Changes can be made within 1-2 hours of purchase, But is not guaranteed!

Shipping and Handling

CHANGES DUE TO COVID-19. Everything IS taking longer so please have patience. 🙂

Shipping inside Australia usually takes less than 7 business days and for everywhere else in the world expect at least 15-20 days. This might change due to holidays.

By purchasing one of our cables you are held responsible to make sure someone is home to receive the order. You will be notified when the order has been shipped.


As the buyer, it is up to you to check over your order upon delivery to ensure there is no damage. If you notice any damage to the packaging or if it looks like it has been tampered with please contact the postage company immediately!! All orders are shipped in cardboard boxes with bubble wrap to ensure a safe arrival. Photos are taken before every order is shipped.

If you do have any troubles don’t hesitate to email us.


Things you should know

Every single one of our cables is hand made to order so there will be slight differences between cables and display photos. All sizes are kept as close as possible to what you order but will not be exact.

There can be slight variances in colours as new stock arrives, though this is uncommon it can happen. We try our very best to keep our quality as high as possible so sometimes we may take a little longer to complete your order if we are super busy!

Our cables cannot be returned due to the nature of the custom work. In saying this if you have any problems feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help within reason.

All of our cables are put through a number of tests before they are shipped.

These Cables are only tested for the use of keyboards, so if you intend on using our cables for another purpose, that’s on you!
Our aviator style connectors are wired to be different to other cable makers, so please do not mix and match with other brands as it could damage something.

Treat the cables with care, they are not mass produced and covered in plastic! If you look after them, they will last!! Always connect and 
disconnect the USB and Aviators whilst holding the connector itself PLEASE!



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