Frequently Asked Questions

What are your cables made from?

Cable – Our cables are all 28AWG, 4 core shielded. Using a PVC jacket.

Paracord (first sleeve) –  Paracord is usually acts as the base colour for your cable. The Paracord we use is all type 550 with a diameter of approximately 4mm. 

Techflex (second or outer sleeve) – Techflex is a special interwoven type of plastic that is used to strengthen the cable whilst still allowing you to add more options for customization. Depending on the colour chosen you can usually see the colour of paracord underneath.  Using clear Techflex is a perfect way to highlight the main colour of the cable!

What’s the point of Coils?

Coils are 100% for aesthetic reasons, unlike the conventional telephone ;). You can easily add a bit of funk to your desk with our coils!  Our latest version of Coil has been put through a very large amount of tests, and passed with flying colours. In saying this we encourage you not to continuously pull or stretch the coils as it could cause them to not sit perfect!


What are aviators?

Aviators are used for the ease of interchangeability, and aesthetic purposes too. Being able to connect and disconnect your cables with an aviator makes it very easy too change styles/themes and swap out different USB types. We sell the detachable ends separately too save you having to buy a whole new cable!

Below are our currently available styles of aviator!


How do I look after my cable?

When connecting/disconnecting your cable to your PC/keyboard please always do so whilst holding the connector housing. NOT THE CABLE

When connecting/disconnecting the aviator please do so ONLY whilst holding the aviator connector itself.

You see what we are getting at. Please don’t yank on the cable 🙂

To help make your coil last, always make sure you give it a little twist in the direction of tightening before plugging it in to ensure its not relaxed.



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